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Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filters

06 Feb 2024

Cytiva's Whatman Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filters provide efficient and cost-effective sample preparation for HPLC and other applications.

These syringeless filters combine four products into one solution for efficient chromatography sample preparation across a broad range of applications. They are built for fast and easy high performance liquid chromatography sample preparation and analysis.

Features and Benefits

  • hand holding syringe filterAll-in-one filtration device for quick and cost-effective chromatography sample processing
  • Eliminates the need for separate syringes, syringe membrane filters, vials, and septa - significant reduction in waste.
  • Designed for use with an UHPLC or HPLC autosampler for high-throughput analysis
  • 0.2 µm and 0.45 µm filter pore sizes available to meet filtration sample requirements
  • Compatible with most major autosamplers
  • Amber option to prevent photo-degradation of light-sensitive samples, or translucent for easy visual inspection. Made from polypropylene (PP) material
The Whatman Mini-UniPrep G2, which is a borosilicate glass vial version is also available, eliminating plastic-based leachables that can originate from a polypropylene vial.

How the Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filters Work?

Mini-UniPrep syringeless filters can be used either manually or with a multicompressor. The multicompressor allows for processing of multiple filtration samples, further reducing sample preparation time for chromatographic analysis.


Using the Mini-UniPrep syringeless filter is easy. If you are not using a multicompressor, simply place your sample in the Mini-UniPrep device, insert the plunger, and compress. Your sample is filtered rapidly and easily. The unique design allows the liquid sample to be forced into the reservoir of the plunger. Any excess air escapes though the vent hole, until the seal is engaged. The Mini-UniPrep syringeless filter can then be used in an autosampler.


Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filters

Introducing new tools for your laboratory.

29 Nov 2023

Glas-Col is a leading manufacturer of laboratory and industrial equipment who produce high-quality heating mantles, laboratory shakers and mixers, air-filtration systems and a wide variety of laboratory products such as glove bags.

Consider using a glove bag instead!

Glove bags are flexible, inflatable chambers with integrated gloves that allow work in an isolated and controlled environment. Depending on the model ordered, the equipment sleeve is sealed with either a zip type closure or a two-piece clip. Cotton gloves and a nylon gas port sleeve are also included for added convenience. Glas-Col glove bags are made from high clarity polyethylene for added strength and visibility.


Glove bags are used like a rigid glove box but with greater flexibility. It is made of polyethylene, with integrated gloves. Equipment is placed in through the sleeve ports and the bag is then inflated to work on the inserted items.


These glove bags are economical enough to be used once and discarded when contaminated, however durable enough to be used over and over if desired.


Ideal for keeping sensitive materials from contact with air or moisture. Use it whenever an inert atmosphere is required for particular reactions or in handling reagents.

These glove bags can be used alongside rigid glove boxes, as they can be purged faster with less gas, and can be easily adapted to fit your specific requirements.

Vortexer - Mixer and Shaker
Features and Benefits


Glas-Col mixers are an affordable laboratory vortexer which can be used in conjunction with various types of tubes. Applications include solution phase synthesis, for when a good mixture of heterogeneous solutions is needed. In Solid Phase chemistry the pulsation feature is extremely useful for the full reaction of resins, and other materials.


The flexibility of different sized tubes.

The cartridge design of Glas-Col’s Multi-Pulse Vortexer allows the user to switch the size of tubes to be mixed simply by changing the cartridge size, thus eliminating the need for extra racks. Cartridges are available for test tube and centrifuge tubes, either capped or uncapped. Each cartridge is constructed of chemical resistant foam and ABS plastic. An optional blank cartridge allows the flexibility to use standard tube racks. The unit easily adjusts for different height tubes and allows them to remain visible during mixing. Additional sample can be added to uncapped tubes without stopping the mixing action.


  • Variable speed for precise mixing.
  • Pulsing feature interrupts vortexing to join upper and lower strata for more thorough mixing of samples.
  • DC motor with filtered control for smoother operation and longer motor life.
  • Interchangeable cartridge system allows units to be adapted to different vessels easily.
  • Vortexers come in different sized models to suit most applications in the laboratory.


Introducing new tools for your laboratory.

Is your glassware ISO 17025 certified?

18 Oct 2023

Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd can supply you with DAkkS calibrated / NATA accepted laboratory glassware.

BRAND has a calibration laboratory accredited by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH) in accordance with ISO 17025. Each item of glassware is accompanied by an item specific calibration certificate which is internationally recognised.

Computer controlled systems ensure maximum precision in a fully automated production line. ‘Statistical Process Control’ guarantees the smallest deviation from nominal capacity (Accuracy) and narrow scatter of individual values (Coefficient of Variation).

BRAND uses flexible screen stencils for all graduated instruments to apply the calibration marks accurately so that precision is maintained for all intermediate volumes. High quality inks combined with a careful annealing process provides durable graduations. BRAND can also supply ISO 17025 certifed pipettes (Transferpette® S) and Liquid dispensers (Dispensette® S).

No plastic packaging material is used in packaging your calibrated glassware. This means less internal packaging is required whilst using 100% recyclable material. Know that your glassware is safe while minimising waste.

To speak to a Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd representative about how we can supply you with DAkkS certified volumetric glassware, click the button below.


Is your glassware ISO 17025 certified?