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Dispensette ANALOGUE Range

Dispensette DIGITAL Range

Dispensette TRACE ANALYSIS Range

Transferpette VARIABLE Range

Transferpette FIXED Range

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Is your glassware ISO 17025 certified?

Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd can supply you with DAkkS calibrated / NATA accepted laboratory glassware.

BRAND has a calibration laboratory accredited by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH) in accordance with ISO 17025. Each item of glassware is accompanied by an item specific calibration certificate which is internationally recognised.

Computer controlled systems ensure maximum precision in a fully automated production line. ‘Statistical Process Control’ guarantees the smallest deviation from nominal capacity (Accuracy) and narrow scatter of individual values (Coefficient of Variation).

BRAND uses flexible screen stencils for all graduated instruments to apply the calibration marks accurately so that precision is maintained for all intermediate volumes. High quality inks combined with a careful annealing process provides durable graduations. BRAND can also supply ISO 17025 certifed pipettes (Transferpette® S) and Liquid dispensers (Dispensette® S).

No plastic packaging material is used in packaging your calibrated glassware. This means less internal packaging is required whilst using 100% recyclable material. Know that your glassware is safe while minimising waste.

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DAkkS Sample Certificate

DAkkS certificates vs others

Precision and Accuracy - An illustration of precision and accuracy

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