Chemplex Industries, Inc.® manufactures products to help you get your samples to your analyser consistently for high quality results. Chemplex provides solutions for spectroscopy sample preparation with equipment, consumables, and standards for AA, ICP, XRF/ XRD.

Chemplex consumable products line include over 50 types of sample cups, thin film supports featuring SpectroMembrane® carrier frames and SpectroCertified® standards.

The range also contains SpectroPress® Pellet Presses, 4 types of grinders including the GyralGrinder®, SpectroMill®, SpectroMicronizing Mill® and the field portable SpectroPulverizer® for grinding and pressing samples. 

The Fusion line contacts the G-series Fluxer, pre-fused FusionFlux® formulations, a complete line of platinum ware for all manufacturer fluxer instruments and the platinum ware exchange program.