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WTW is a global manufacturer of quality meters and sensors for pH/ORP, ISE, dissolved oxygen (D.O.) and conductivity.

Suitable for in the laboratory, or for mobile applications, a range of precise benchtop and robust portable meters are available from Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd. 

Laboratory and field instrumentation for water testing.
Choose from a wide selection of benchtop and portable instrumentation, as well as the new wireless IDS sensors.  
WTW IDS sensor

Intelligent Digital Sensor (IDS)


IDS sensors are smart. They log on automatically, transfer description, serial number, calibration record and calibration history as well as their complete parameters.


IDS sensors process the sensitive analogue signals into digital signals and transfers them error-free, to the meter. There is no difference using a cable or through a wireless module. 


IDS Sensors are based on proven and continuously enhanced WTW sensors. They cover almost every application in pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity measurement.

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WTW Multi parameter meter

Multi-Parameter Portable Meter

The MultiLine® Multi 3510 IDS Multi-Parameter Portable Meter is not specific to a set parameter, i.e you do not buy a separate pH and conductivity meter. The one meter does both parameters.

And with the dual, or even three channel capability, you can run multiple parameters from the same meter (or even the same parameter with 3 separate probes)

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