MMM ovens and incubators

20 Mar 2020

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STERICELL® Hot Air Steriliser

STERICELL® is ideal for hot air sterilisation of materials and instruments whilst maintaining a stable temperature for a pre-determined duration. The built in fan quietly circulates air within the chamber to ensure an even distribution of heat and eliminates the formation of “cold air” areas within the chamber.

Ecocell Natural Air Circulation Oven

ECOCELL® Natural Air Circulation Oven

A line of economical ovens with a wide temperature range, which reliably heats and dries materials to exact temperatures. The ECOCELL® line produces no noise and provides a very soft air convection within the chamber to uniformly heat materials within the oven.

FRIOCELL Forced Air Incubator with Active Cooling

FRIOCELL® Forced Air Incubator with Active Cooling

The FRIOCELL® incubator allows precise tempering of samples. The unique cooling system offers an exact simulation of a natural process while reducing the samples evaporation rate.

Vacucell Vacuum Chambered Oven

VACUCELL® Vacuum Chambered Oven

Temperature sensitive and oxidative materials such as powders and granulated samples can be safely dried in the VACUCELL® vacuum drying oven. This is achieved by either evacuating air with an external vacuum connection or by injecting inert gas to displace the air within the chamber. This oven is also ideal for drying intricate components and hardware with inaccessible holes and deep crevices.