HACH water analysis products


HACH manufacture analytical instruments used to test the quality of water and other aqueous solutions suitable for mining, industrial and municipal markets.

Rowe Scientific are proud distributors of Hach products in Australia. You can download or search information from the links below or email our product manager.

pdf Download 2100Q QIS Portable Turbidity PDF (389kb).

pdf Download DR6000 Spectrophotometer PDF (389kb).

pdf Download DR1900 Spectrophotometer PDF (389kb).

pdf Download HQd Digital Meters and IntelliCAL Probes PDF (389kb).

pdf Download Pocket Colorimeter II PDF (389kb).

pdf Download SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer PDF (389kb).

pdf Download TL2 Bechtop Turbidity Meters PDF (389kb).

pdf Download DR900 PDF (262kb).

web Download hach procedures & manuals.

web Visit the Hach web site.

email Email our Hach product manager