Testo 890 Fever Detection Kit

26 Aug 2020

Do you require quick, contactless detection of fever for diseases including coronavirus?
Testo 890 FeverDetection Kit.
  • FeverDetection feature which automatically alerts the user when elevated facial surface temperatures are detected 
  • Reliable: 640 x 480 pixel resolution and high thermal sensitivity for accurate analysis
  • Visual and acoustic alarms indicate when temperature set points are exceeded
  • HDMI interface for connection to an external screen. Designed for semi-stationary applications such as security checkpoints in public areas.


How can you identify a person at risk from a fever?

An important indicator for an infection is elevated body temperature generally known as a fever. Thermography is the ideal method for examining not just individuals, but also large flows of people for elevated body temperature. The Testo FeverDetection function can quickly, safely and sensitively measure the temperature difference between “healthy” people (with a normal body temperature) and “potentially ill” people (with elevated body temperature). 

The temperature is measured on the face, and an alarm is triggered if it exceeds a certain limit value. This allows people with an elevated body temperature to be identified quickly and reliably, and to be isolated for a more thorough medical examination.How-can-thermography-help-you

Operating principle of the Testo 890

operating principles

  • The set starting value corresponds to the expected mean human body temperature.
  • Ability to set tolerance, for example +1 or +2 °C.
  • The sum of the basis value and the tolerance value is the fever value (threshold value where a person is considered to have a fever).
  • The temperature values of tested people are continuously stored in the imager in order to update the threshold value.
Identification of infection risk with built in alarm

testo 890 alarm

  • Visual alarm indicates when temperatures above the preset threshold value are exceeded. 
  • Audible sound alerts the user until the target has left the camera's field of view
  • Image saving function stores a snapshot by using the integrated save button. Real colour images and infrared images can be stored in memory for later analysis.