“Going after the unknown is always fascinating, I think. It becomes part of your life, this desire to know.
Mark Oliphant
1901 TO 1994


Tru Blu Beverages

Winners are chosen by our computer on a random basis. The prize is the client’s choice of $100 worth of laboratory items from a supplied list.

From Tru Blu Beverages:

Tru Blu Beverages is a proud 100% Australian-owned and operated company which aims to be one of the nation’s leading manufacturers, marketers and innovators of non-alcoholic, non-dairy beverages.

As part of our social contract our aim is to provide every Australian with a quality product at an affordable price, to develop healthy beverage alternatives and strive for environmentally sustainable manufacturing and packaging solutions.





How may boric acid (crystalline solid, melting point 171°C) be made volatile at room temperature?

The answer to this will be in the next edition of the Rowe Scientific newsletter.

Did you know the answer to the last quiz question?
What medical condition may require medication using explosive or cyanide compounds?

High blood pressure may be treated by nitrovasodilators, drugs that donate nitric oxide by various mechanisms. This nitric oxide may be administered from (explosive) nitric esters such as nitroglycerin or diethyleneglycol dinitrate or from sodium nitroprusside (sodium nitroferricyanide).

Textbook of Angiology Chang, J. B et. al. (ed) 2012, Springer, New York p13



A Sincere thank you.

With your continued support over the last financial year, Rowe Scientific has donated a total of $31,414 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.

Click on the letter to the left of this article to view the official receipt. We extend our thanks to everyone who has contributed by purchasing our Quantumclean and pH buffers.
You have helped raise funds for an institution that helps save lives in rural and remote areas of Australia every day. As of the 1st of July 2018, we have reset the meter again and aim to raise $32,000 in this financial year.





The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation is a cancer research, education and treatment centre dedicated to the search for cancer cures. It currently is Australia’s only public hospital which is solely dedicated to caring and treating people affected by cancer.
The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation currently employs over 2,500 staff, including more than 580 laboratory and clinical researchers, all focused on providing treatments, care and potential cures for cancer.

Rowe Scientific recently held a morning tea showcasing various life science products of interest to the Foundation such as pipettors, nucleic acid extraction kits, specialised gloves, freezer storage, and small laboratory equipment to name a few.

We thank the scientists, technicians, and laboratory managers who stopped by to discuss their various needs and requirements.

Rowe Scientific will continue to supply and support The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation with their laboratory needs in order to continue their search for a cure.
To learn more about The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, visit their web site here.
Hoa Kha
Rowe Scientific
Victoria and Tasmania


Congratulations to Ms Olivia Pitt, the 2018 Southern Cross University recipient of the Rowe Scientific Chemistry Rising Stars Scholarship.


Ms Olivia Pitt with Professor Adam Shoemaker (Vice Chancellor) (right)
and Mr Brian Bishop (Rowe Scientific Qld) (left)


In Olivia’s words:
“My name is Olivia Pitt, I am a marine scientist, currently studying skeletochronological analysis as part of honours research at Southern Cross University.
I developed a passion for marine turtles and as that passion exceeded so did the need to understand their life histories. 

We are in the process of using advanced technology (Laser Ablation, Induction-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) on sea turtle humerus bones, looking at trace elements that reflect environmental factors over periods of time which in turn, may reveal the age of the sea turtles.
This study has opened up a whole new love of environmental chemistry that is exciting, raw and unique. I am in a constant state of excitement whenever I walk into the lab or look at results.
Thank you to Rowe Scientific for providing me with the Rising Stars Scholarship. It is greatly appreciated!”

Well done Olivia, from all the national staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd.



Mr Thomas Wood

In Thomas' words;

“I’d like to express my gratitude to Rowe Scientific for their contribution to the SCMB Awards.
It is extremely encouraging to be recognised in the discipline which I enjoy so much. I have always found chemistry to be awe inspiring. A set of rules which can be learned and utilised to manipulate the very fabric of matter. The impact of chemistry on the world today is profound, from the production of petrol for our cars, to the manufacture of drugs which cure our diseases.

Chemistry is an extraordinary set of tools which have enabled for so much progress, and which I find so exciting because it truly is modern day magic.”

Thanks, Tom Wood
UQ Rowe Scientific Chemistry Award
2nd Year Laboratory Prize

Ms Georgina Roberts


In Georgina’s words;
“Chemistry has fascinated me since my very first class on atomic structure at school, and I knew I wanted to explore the subject further to help understand the make-up of the universe around me.

My favourite part of my chemistry degree was the lab work, because it still amazes me that we can synthesise incredibly complex compounds using relatively basic processes.
I am particularly interested in the applications of chemistry in neurology both diagnostically and therapeutically, and I plan to pursue research in this field."

Kind regards,

Georgina Roberts
 (UQ Rowe Scientific Chemistry Award – 3rd Year Laboratory Prize)

Congratulations Georgina and Tom, from all the staff of Rowe Scientific nationally.






Dear Clients, 

In line with our commitment to offer a consistently high level of service to our growing customer base Rowe Scientific has added two new members to our customer service team in NSW.

Hayden Hewitt joined the team in mid July after completing a Master's Degree in Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Wollongong, and Kazi Hoque joined the team at the start of September. Kazi graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Medical Science degree in 2015 and worked with Australian Laboratory Services for several years in various roles before joining Rowe Scientific.

In addition to the new recruits, other highlights for Rowe Scientific include our first ever participation in ComBio, which is the major Australian Society for Biochemistry and Microbiology (ASBMB) conference held annually. The venue this year is the new International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour from September 23th to 26th inclusive.

Rowe Scientific will also exhibit at the NSW Histology Conference scheduled for the Rooty Hill RSL Club from October 5th to 7th inclusive. We look forward to meeting many of our customers during the course of the two exhibitions.

All the best from:
Allan, Hayden, John, Kathryn, Kazi, Rodney and Troy.



Dear Clients,

We have been busy moving into our new premises at 55 Westgate Street WACOL 4076.

Our warehouse has more than double the capacity of our previous premises at Sumner, which will allow us to stock more contract lines to ensure we meet delivery deadlines.

The move was a great success with no down time in our communication systems thanks to all of the preparatory work carried out by our MD, CEO & CFO before and during our move to Wacol.
Now that we have plenty of room our team is eager to provide you with improved service as we adjust to our new surroundings.

This month we have advertised some great specials under bench safety storage cabinets, products from the Velp stirring range and Nordic Laboratory low & ultra low temperature freezers which represent excellent savings for your lab. Please call us, we are here to help you.

Cheers from the Queensland team:
Yvonne, Martin, Brian, Sean, Josephine, Leon, Steve, Adam, Hyewon, Colin and Jacob.



Dear Clients,

As this goes out to the market, winter will be at its end and spring will be upon us, my nose and eyes go out to all my fellow hay fever sufferers!

We are still out and about exhibiting at various locations around Adelaide, so please contact your account sales representative to keep you informed as to when we are exhibiting products at a location near you!

Our recent Interwinery and Analysis Group (IWAG) and Water Industry Operators Association Australia (WIOA) exhibitions were a great success and we'd like to thank our clients who stopped by and said hello. Daniel and I attended the Vintessential laboratories in August to obtain hands-on training and experience with their Chemwell Discrete analysers. We will be talking to all of our winery clients about these on our future visits. Daniel and Steve also had a busy month visiting clients in the Northern Territory which was a great opportunity to meet face to face .

We have a brand new Laboratory Safety Catalogue that will be distributed to you shortly by your account manager. In the meantime please feel free to download the PDF from our website.

As a reminder, we have a fantastic range of laboratory fridges, freezers and ice makers to suit many laboratory applications. 

All the best from:
Doug, Steve, Mark, Michael, Daniel, Jo, Dani, Paula and Moreton.



Dear Clients

Another footy season almost gone – are you all “Tigered out” yet? It is now time to get out the bat and ball, absorb the sunshine and reclaim the Aussie supremacy on the cricket fields of this planet. We should be enlisting Shane Warne to whip some enthusiasm and lead a Cricket revolution starting right here in Victoria.

What a busy year it has been. Thanks to our Victoria and Tasmania clients for all your inquiries and support. To all our new university customers, we have a string of morning teas scheduled over the next couple of months so if you have not met Hoa yet, I’m sure you’ll meet him over a cup of tea soon.

We exhibited at the Water Industry Operators Association Australia (WIOA) conference in Bendigo on the 5th & 6th of September and had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people within the Water industry. As this newsletter is currently being sent out, we will be exhibiting at the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) conference at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 11th and 12th of September.

You should have received a new Laboratory Safety Catalogue in the mail – we have also sent out some sample seal and labeling packages to our relevant clients. To minimise junk mail we have only sent these out to targeted addresses, so if you are interested in any of the above, but have not received the literature, please let us know, we will send a copy to you immediately.

From your team in Victoria:
Garry, Nic, Mango, Amanda, Adam, Brian and Christine and Hoa.



Dear Clients,

I know that you are all busy because you are keeping us busy – thanks for your continued support.

This month we landed our first 40 foot container of TARSONS brand plasticware and we already have another 20 foot in transit!

Having penetrated the market with TARSONS bottles, adding pipette tips, and A and B class measuring cylinders, our cost conscious clients are acknowledging the quality of this supplier, so we are continuously adding additional products from their range.

Please contact us with your needs.

All the best from:
Peter Sommers and the Western Australian Team.


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