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“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow."
Edward Teller
1908 – 2003


Dentalife Pty Ltd

Winners are chosen by our computer on a random basis. The prize is the client’s choice of $100 worth of laboratory items from a supplied list.

From Dentalife:

"Dentalife is a development and manufacturing company established in Australia in 1999. As the name suggests, Dentalife was established to produce high quality Australian products for the dental market.

As we have grown we have established a strong manufacturing base in the dental market and entered broader healthcare markets. We have developed skills to support these markets in many countries.

Our product development program has been a journey which has led to an exciting range of products and opportunities which we are very proud of.

This journey has also led to international markets and collaboration with people and companies on a world scale.

Through our development as well as solid and sustainable growth we have provided opportunities for an increasing number of talented Australians to work with us in developing our company and themselves "





What is the most abundant metal in the human body?

The answer will be in the next edition of the Rowe Scientific newsletter.

Did you know the answer to the last quiz question?
“What is the heaviest stable isotope?"

While Bismuth-209 was long believed to be the heaviest stable isotope, in 2003 it was discovered that ²⁰⁹Bi was faintly radioactive, becoming ²⁰⁵Th through α-decay with a half-life of (1.9 ± 0.2) x 10¹⁹ years. This makes Lead-208 the heaviest stable isotope.

1. Lubick, N. (2003) Bismuth Not So Stable After All. Science [Online], accessed 16th September 2019

2. de Marcillac, P. et. al. (2003) Experimental detection of α-particles from the radioactive decay of natural bismuth. Nature, 422, p876-878. doi:10.1038/nature01541







Congratulations to the following two recipients of the Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd Scholarship at Murdoch University for 2019.

Ms Clare Snell


In Clare’s own words; 

“Chemistry is all happening everywhere, all the time, yet we often can’t see what is happening or intuitively know why it is occurring.

I was inspired to pursue a degree in chemistry so I could gain an understanding of some of these processes. It is such a broad field which provides plenty of opportunities to explore different aspects of the universe.

Right now, I’m specifically interested in atmospheric chemistry and air quality. Understanding the chemistry behind these systems is crucial if we want to create solutions to the problems currently associated with them.

I’m very grateful to Rowe Scientific for helping me complete my chemistry degree and I’m excited to see where it takes me”


Mr Liam Pascoe


 In Liam’s own words;

“To me, the most interesting thing about chemistry is how it explains all the questions about the world that I had when I was younger.

Why are some plastics hard, yet others soft? Why is copper used for electrical wiring? Why is aluminium used for aeroplanes? All these questions can be easily answered by chemistry.

Of course, as I’ve gotten older my questions have changed; what will we do if we mine all the iron out of the ground? What is the future of renewable energies? I believe these questions will be answered in the future, by chemistry, and I am thrilled to be a part of that future.”


Well done Clare and Liam, and we wish you every success in your future Chemistry studies, from the national staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd.





Dear Clients. 

Although not without its challenges 2019 has proven to be a formative year in building the Rowe Scientific presence in the NSW and ACT scientific markets.

Rowe Scientific has consolidated existing customer partnerships while at the same time continuing to develop new ones. The key factors for the continued growth of Rowe Scientific in NSW is the local presence with a team of dedicated sales and customer service personnel supported by a growing range of products available for immediate supply from our Minto warehouse.

The diversity of our product range and a commitment to serving customers in line with our mission statement “to keep clients supplied with the scientific items they need to do the work” is the other main contributor to our increased presence in the market.
The ultimate ingredient to our success though, is your continued support. It is fitting therefore, as we draw closer to the end of yet another year, that we acknowledge this support and at the same time wish each and every one of you a joyful and peaceful Christmas season and good health and prosperity in the New Year ahead.

No doubt 2020 holds a fair degree of challenges and equally so opportunities, however we renew our commitment in supporting each other in our common goal of advancing Australian scientific goals, and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Stay safe over the Christmas season and enjoy your downtime with family and friends.

All the best from:
John, Allan, Hayden, Kathryn, Kazi, Rodney G and Rodney K.



Dear Clients.

The Festive Season is almost upon us and we would like to wish you and your familiies the very best for Christmas and the New Year celebrations.
Enjoy the festivities and keep safe and we hope that 2020 brings you good health and prosperity. Your continued support throughout this year has helped us to grow and to share our prosperity with the the future chemists of tomorrow.

Our sales team have enjoyed serving you all and this has encouraged many new trading relationships to develop. Your trust in us as your preferred scientific supplier is greatly appreciated.

Now is the time to order all of those critical items you need to perform your work, as delivery disruptions are inevitable during the holiday period. Our sales team are keen to take your call and assist you with your current needs.

We thank you all for your continued support.

Cheers from the Queensland team:
Yvonne, Andrew, Brian, George, Jacob, Jean-Esteve, Josephine, Kiran, Leon, Martin, Robert, Steve.



Dear Clients.

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our Clients and their families a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.
As this goes to print our 2019/20 Vintage price list will have been distributed to the market, while Jo and I will be out to see all of you shortly to discuss all the exciting new inclusions to our range.

As a reminder, we have some upcoming Trade Shows that we will be exhibiting at in Adelaide this year. We will be at SAHMRI event in November and a RACI event in December. Thanks to all those who visited us recently at the Bliss conference.
We have recently been promoting a range of equipment from SHP Steriltechnik who have an excellent range of Submersible Stirring equipment and a unique range of autoclaves with glass door and status lights that can be both mounted vertically and horizontally.

Please contact your account manager for further information.

All the best from,

Doug, Dannielle, Erik, Joanne, Katelynn, Mark, Michael, Paula, Steve.



Dear Clients.

Best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our clients - what a year it has been.

There have been many challenges along the way and this has helped our Victorian staff, as well as our business, improve and to keep focus on helping you, our clients.

Please join us in welcoming the latest addition to the Rowe family in Melbourne - Paul Jones. Paul is well known to many of you in the scientific community and is taking on the tasks of Product Group and Account Manager.

For the next couple of months we will be focusing on getting the new Vintage catalogues out to you. Please also don’t forget the Ratek baths and heating block specials as well as the Laboklav autoclaves and steam sterilisers.

For those of you using XRF & XRD, please take a look at our XR Sample prep brochure.

If you are attending the LABCON 2019 conference for Victoria laboratory technicians on the 27th and 28th November in Parkville, please drop-in to say hello to Amanda and Hoa who will be there displaying our products.

Thank you for your support throughout the year. Drive safely during the festive season and we look forward to hearing from you for the rest of 2019 & into 2020.

From your team in Victoria:
Garry, Adam, Amanda, Brian, Christine, Hoa, Louise, Mango, Nic.



Dear Clients.

The recent East Coast fires have caused some minor interruptions in the logistics chain. This is why we maintain a warehouse in each state, so as to have your products on hand when you need them.
In Perth we welcome our new Life Science specialist in Unaiza Parkar who will shortly be making appointments to visit. I will ensure that she has some of our new serological pipettes from SPL for you to evaluate. Such is the feedback on this range that we have just re-ordered – a full container load of product.

Brett Maconachie has just returned from his European vacation, where we coerced him to spend a couple of days in training at MMM and Nabertherm. With the closure of Contherm, we sought a quality oven manufacturer in MMM, who have an extensive range of quality ovens and incubators.

After being plagued by underperforming muffle furnaces, we added the range (and stock) from Nabertherm. These muffles are suited to the rugged environment, where you just need day in day out performance. Call us.

Thank you for your business and be safe over the holidays.

All the best from:
Peter Sommers and the Western Australian Team.


South Australia
& NT


Victoria & Tasmania

New South Wales

Western Australia

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