“Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge"
Stephen Hawking
1942 - 2018

In memory of a great scientist.

It has been nearly two months since the passing of Stephen Hawking. He was a well known physicist and is heralded as one of the greatest scientific minds.

We would like to take this opportunity to remember his great contribution to science. His most famous theoretical breakthrough was the idea that black holes are not in fact black, but can produce thermal radiation and potentially "evaporate". This theory is now refered to as "Hawking Radiation".

Bay of Fires Wines

Winners are chosen by our computer on a random basis. The prize is the client’s choice of $100 worth of laboratory items from a supplied list.


From Bay of Fires Wines:

Bay of Fires Wines was founded in the 1990s by a team of dedicated winemaking and viticultural professionals, who believed Tasmania would one day become the pre-eminent Australian region to produce cool-climate Tasmanian wines.

The entire Bay of Fires team is focused on one singular passion – to share Tasmania's most outstanding wines with you. Their vision continues to rely on the search for the individual personalities found in every variety and vineyard.

The team crafts alluring wines that are distinctively Tasmanian, without compromising on consistency or quality. The wines are produced from hand-picked Tasmanian fruit, specially selected for quality and character.

Each fruit parcel is kept separate so it can be constantly assessed in order to capture its unique essence at precisely the right moment. And then, in the finest oak available, the fruit is given the freedom to let nature work its magic.

The evidence of the alchemy of this winemaking practice can be experienced in each and every Bay of Fires Wine.




Which nomenclature terms can be used to describe either relative locations in a hydrocarbon ring or the hydration of an acid?

The answer to this will be in the next edition of the Rowe Scientific newsletter.

Did you know the answer to the last quiz question?
What country was named after an element?

Argentina is derived from the word “argentum” (Latin: Silver) after an estuary that was incorrectly believed to lead to a source of the metal.
Shumway, N (1993) The Invention of Argentina. University of California Press p.7-8






Congratulations to Mr Bradley Luenen, the Griffith University 2018 recipient of the Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship.

In Bradley’s words;

“My interest in chemistry began in university when I realised the scope of forensic chemistry. I became very interested in the field of clandestine labs after attending a guest lecture given by a representative from Queensland Health Services.

My personal achievements include receiving the NSC Academic Excellence award in 2017 and participating in a third-year project involving the development of an analytical method of analysis for performance and imaging enhancing drugs.
This scholarship will allow me to focus more on my studies and project and allows me to engage in practical work experience outside of university within the field of forensic chemistry.”

Well done Bradley.


Maxipense ultra low retention filter tips, racked & sterile.

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Congratulations to Mr Jake McLean, who is the Victoria University 2018 Rowe Scientific Scholar.

In Jake’s own words;

"My interests in science are that of biotechnology and chemistry, more specifically I enjoy topics surrounding genetics, biochemistry, immunology, organic chemistry, and forensic/analytical chemistry.

I am also interested in method development as well as the operation of various scientific instruments including next generation sequencing technology. I have always wanted to end up working in a scientific laboratory doing research in either genetics or chemistry, so after my honours year I hope to be working within a laboratory in relation to those two fields. In the future I might even return to university in order to obtain a PhD.

My project at Victoria University is assessing the effectiveness and cost of next-generation DNA sequencing to identify individual European Red Foxes via scat analysis. There is a baiting program run by Parks Victoria targeting Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) as a result of their negative impacts on the native species of Cape Otway. In order to test the efficiency of the program the Conservation Ecology Center Cape Otway, University of Melbourne, and Victoria University are collaborating in identifying Red Fox presence through genetic analysis of Red Fox scat. With University of Melbourne I am genotyping to identifying Red Fox presence,



Mr Jake McLean

Due to next generation sequencing technology being able to provide a lot more data than the average genotyping, Red Fox presence will not only be detected, but individuals can also be tracked through unique DNA sequences (shown by next generation technology) allowing a better understanding of the behavioural response to the baiting program. Hopefully at the end of this project the assessment will show a cheaper non-invasive method that would provide highly detailed data from scat samples to identify individual Red Foxes and allow monitoring of their behaviour throughout Cape Otway. Thank you Rowe Scientific for supporting me through my exciting Honours project!"

Well done Jake, from the Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd staff in all states.




Ms Ebony Brouwers

Congratulations from the national staff of Rowe Scientific to Ms Ebony Brouwers (pictured above), one of the two winners of a University of Adelaide Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship.

In Ebony’s words;

"My name is Ebony Brouwers and I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide.

I am extremely grateful to have been offered the Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship for 2018 as it will greatly assist my studies and pursuit of a career in science. Chemistry has been one of my key interests since year 9 science classes. Over the years it has evolved from an interesting subject at high school to a vital part of my studies and my future.

I am completing a double major in chemistry and biochemistry and am constantly astounded by the overlap and complement between the two areas. I am fascinated by the many approaches to drug design, mainly due to my goal of making a positive contribution to the lives of people who need the help of such research."

Good work Ebony.



All the staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd, Australia wide, wish to congratulate Ms Rhianna Penfold (pictured left) on being awarded a 2018 Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship by Adelaide University.

In Rhianna’s words;

"I am currently in my final undergraduate year at the University of Adelaide, where I am undertaking a double major in Chemistry.

I have a keen interest in organic and organometallic chemistry, specifically its application in the optimisation of grass roots agricultural systems.

I see food security and sustainable production as one of the major challenges facing society today. It is something that could be potentially revolutionized by the development of new synthetic routes and catalysts for fertilizer/ insecticide production, and in the development of environmental remediation technologies.

I greatly appreciate the Rowe Scientific scholarship, which has enabled me to move from regional South Australia to within closer proximity of the University and thereby engage more fully in my studies without the challenge of a long daily commute."
Well done Rhianna.


Our congratulations to Ms Barbara Besaz, the winner of the University of Sunshine Coast 2018 Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship.

In Barbara’s words”


"I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Management and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry.

I have always loved chemistry since grade 8 so I thought why not make a subject that I love into my university degree.

I am extremely glad that I decided to do so as it is the chemistry courses that I am doing throughout this degree that are my favourite and make me excited to learn. I had originally decided that I was to major in biomedical science but once I had completed some of the required courses I realised that those courses weren’t meant for me.

It is my hope that once I finish this degree I will be able to continue studying to become a pharmacist, and eventually work for a  pharmaceutical company or open my own pharmacy.

I would like to thank you for the scholarship that has been awarded to me and I am extremely grateful for your generosity. I plan on using this money to purchase textbooks for next semester and to help pay my bills, so I don’t have to work as much and am able to focus more on my studies and apply myself even more. Receiving this scholarship has made me realise that my decision to pick chemistry as my major for my science degree was the right decision and is the area I should be studying in.”

Well done Barbara. 





Dear Clients,

Rowe Scientific NSW has maintained a strong momentum in recent months and as a result are now in the process of adding two additional members to the customer service team.

This is a strong statement of our intent to invest resources to support existing and potential growth in the NSW market.

So in the coming weeks, customers can expect to hear a number of new voices when they call the Sydney office and apart from the recruitment of additional customer service personnel we are also recruiting a new account manager. It is a very exciting and busy time in the NSW office.
I will be attending Achema 2018 in Frankfurt from June 11 to 15 inclusive and will be focusing on the laboratory component of the exhibition as we seek to build our product and brand portfolio. This will ensure we have the latest products and technologies available to support your work in the laboratory.

The team and I look forward to sharing details on the new products as they become available in the weeks and months ahead

All the best from:
Allan, John, Kathryn, Ken, Rodney and Troy.



Dear Clients,

Our team has continued to grow thanks to your support. We would like to welcome Hyewon Lee in joining our sales team in Queensland.

Hyewon is a medical scientist and previously worked as a production scientist at an oncology and compounding laboratory and she is able to assist our university and life science clients. We would welcome any enquiries in this field of science.

The rest of our team have been kept very busy with local and export business in mining, agricultural, and industrial areas.

Reminder: If you have a need for a muffle furnace, we can offer a range of quality Nabertherm furnaces from Germany to meet your needs. For example, one of our popular models is, IF0158, Furnace muffle, with lift door and adjustable air inlet, exhaust outlet at furnace rear, controller with data log capability, up to 1200C, 15L.

Cheers from the Queensland team:
Yvonne, Martin, Brian, Sean, Josephine, Leon, John, Steve, Adam, Hyewon, Colin and Robert.



Dear Clients,

We are extremely grateful for all of our clients continued support.

We are in the last quarter of the 2018 financial year and we have some terrific EOFY specials on the go at the moment.

In the months to come we will be representing Rowe Scientific at various conferences for many differerent industries. We look forward to meeting with you at these events. 

We will be at the upcoming IWAG event on the 20th July and WIOH on the 1st and 2nd of August this year. We are taking this opportunity to promote our newly aquired distribution rights for Koehler with an extensive range of Petrochemical testing equipment. We also have in house specialty trained staff to assist your needs with any Koehler products.

All the best from:
Doug, Steve, Mark, Michael, Daniel, Paula, Danielle, Joanne and Moreton.



Dear Clients,

Firstly, a hearty congratulations to Mango and Lin on becoming parents for the first time on the 22nd April, mum and son, River are doing well and will be home soon.
Next, please join me in welcoming Hoa Kha to the Victorian team. Hoa has a Bachelor of Science with Honours and a PhD in Medical Sciences from Monash University. As soon as Hoa has completed his “Rowe-ization” he will be out there at the universities and research institutes “helping fellow Scientists source the items they need to do their work”.

We have undertaken to be more “pro-active” in the life sciences area, so please keep your eyes peeled for new product offers within the biosciences areas. In May (10th & 11th) we will be exhibiting at the DIAA conference. Please drop in for a “chat and a cuppa”.

If you have not yet looked at the Easter Instrument Sales Specials, on the website. Please take a few minutes to see what’s on offer as it could save you some money! 
From your team in Victoria:
Garry, Nic, Mango, Amanda, Adam, Brian and Christine and Hoa.



Dear WA Clients,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce David Moussa, who is the newest member to join the Western Australian Rowe Scientific family.

David has a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Biomedical Science) and after learning the “Rowe way”, will be out in the field assisting clients with their research needs.

Please make him welcome when he calls on you. We are constantly expanding our portfolio of products to service the Biosciences sector so please tell us your requirements.

All the best from:
Peter Sommers and the Western Australian Team.


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