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“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science."

Edwin Powell Hubble
1889 – 1953



Nestle Purina Petcare

Winners are chosen by our computer on a random basis. The prize is the client’s choice of $100 worth of laboratory items from a supplied list.


From Nestle Purina Petcare:

"William H Danforth established Purina in St Louis, Missouri, USA. His aim was to build a company that would provide the best and purest nutrition for animals in convenient and easy to use foods. The name Purina originates from the company's slogan, "where Purity is Paramount." The red and white checkerboard logo was inspired by Danforth's childhood neighbours, who dressed their children in a similar pattern.
Throughout our long history in pet care, we’ve developed many successful brands, such as LUCKY DOG, FRISKIES, FANCY FEAST and TOTAL CARE. In 2002, we acquired RALSTON PURINA, which saw the introduction of BONNIE, PURINA ONE and PRO PLAN to our brand portfolio. Then, in March 2007, we made another significant acquisition when we took over the SUPERCOAT business.

In 2010 we acquired KRAMAR and in 2011 we launched an exciting new range of brands including RUFFS, PETLIFE and SHEDEZE. In 2014 we launch our cat food brand FELIX. To find out more about your brands, please view our brand page or for further questions about our products, contact us.”






What would occur if a diving cylinder was punctured at a depth greater than about 2km underwater?

The answer will be in the next edition of the Rowe Scientific newsletter.

Did you know the answer to the last quiz question?

Why does the midday sky appear blue?


The blue colour of the sky is caused by the scattering of sunlight off the molecules of the atmosphere. This scattering, called Rayleigh scattering, is more effective at short wavelengths (the blue end of the visible spectrum). Therefore the light scattered down to the earth at a large angle with respect to the direction of the sun's light is predominantly in the blue end of the spectrum.
Nave. R., Blue Sky, Georgia State University,
<http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/atmos/blusky.html> accessed 3rd November 2020







Rowe Scientific HDR Chemistry Scholarship. (Note. HDR = Higher Degree by Research)


Congratulations to Ms Ashlee Gallagher, the current 2020 recipient of the Rowe Scientific HDR Chemistry Scholarship at Curtin University, in Perth, WA.

In Ashlee’s words;

"I love chemistry because it enables me to gain a greater understanding of the world around me on the smallest of scales. It has the ability to solve real-world problems, which is so exciting and something I feel privileged to be a part of.
I also love that I am constantly learning new things and being challenged in new ways. I really enjoy problem solving and being hands on in the laboratory. I have a particular interest in organic and medicinal chemistry, and am so excited to be researching in this field over the next few years.

I am so thankful for the generosity of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd in giving me this award! "

Well done Ashlee, from the national staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd.


Congratulations to Ms Chianna Dane and Mr Lars Biemond, the current 2020 recipients of Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarships at the University of Sydney.


In Chianna's words;

"As a 2020 recipient of the Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship, I am writing to thank you for this incredible honour. I am in my third year of University, majoring in Chemistry and Pharmacology. Next year, I plan to pursue an Honours project in drug discovery for neuroinflammatory diseases. I am extremely grateful to have been chosen for this scholarship and I intend to use the money to allow me to complete an internship or work experience within the summer holidays to further expand my practical experience"


In Lars's words;

“I am a third-year student studying a Bachelor of Science and Advanced Studies in Chemistry and Marketing at the University of Sydney. Currently, my favourite area of chemistry is coordination chemistry. I am not entirely sure whether I want to work in that area in the future, but I would love to work in a role that can help people appreciate scientific discoveries and apply chemical research into the real world, maybe in science communication. I would like to thank Rowe Scientific for giving me this scholarship; as a student who is living on their own, there are a lot of expenses and this support goes a long way.”

Well done Chianna and Lars, from the national staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd





Dear Clients. 

We trust you all enjoyed the festive season, despite the change of plans that many were forced to make at the eleventh hour; and hope that 2021 is treating you well as you settle back into work and the routine that it provides.

As I write this, we have entered into the second month of this year, and already it has proved itself to be another interesting year. Our Sydney team are back in the office full-time and are here to assist you with your scientific supply needs.

For our clients working in clinical and research environments, our new range of Haier Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers will be of particular interest. The Haier range offers good quality ULT freezers at a competitive price; so is a great option for those looking to source a quality product whilst adhering to a budget. We have already received our first shipment from Haier and so have stock of these freezers available locally, ready for supply to your laboratories.
For more information on these freezers, and to see a walk-through of the features these units offer, please visit our website here.

We wish you good health and good fortune for 2021, and look forward to continuing to work with you all throughout this coming year. May it be all that much better than the last.

All the best from:
Kathryn, Ari, Connor, Hayden, John, Rob



Dear Clients.

For those of us who were fortunate enough to take a break over the festive season, it was good to relax and enjoy time with our families. We wish you all a Happy New Year and we hope that 2021 brings you good health and prosperity.

The year has begun with a bang, as it seems that most clients are working with less people and have more work to do. We have been focussing on ensuring our supplies from overseas manufacturers continue to come through despite the shipping and airline restrictions. In this new COVID-19 world some products are still in high demand and short supply, mainly PPE product lines (we have good stocks of face masks) while other product lines are now improving as factory outputs start to increase production.

We have good news for clients in the Dairy Industry as we are now the exclusive distributor for the complete range of Charm products. Do you need to perform Antibiotic & ATP Testing? Then please contact our staff who are eager to assist you.

Our stock of Haier Ultra Low Temperature freezers has arrived. Do you need to store samples at  -86° Celcius? Then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

In the meantime, Cheers and keep well and stay safe from the Queensland Team:

Yvonne, Andrew, Brian, George, Jacob, Jean-Esteve, Josephine, Kiran, Leon, Martin, Robert, Steve.





Dear Clients.

Welcome to 2021! We wish all out clients another successful year ahead and remind you we are here to give you the level of service you require.

So far 2021 hasn’t started in the fashion most of us would have hoped (albeit some of us probably knew it wasn’t going to get any better) with Adelaide experiencing some devasting fires at Cherry Gardens and as I type this Perth are also experiencing some destructive fires. Our thoughts go out to all those affected.
Our Wineries are in full swing with what we are hoping will be a bigger harvest in 2021 than the last few years. We eagerly await to sample the fruits of your labour. If you have not received your copy of this year’s price list please contact your account manager, as for the first time ever we have had to post it out to all of our clients due to COVID-19 restrictions.
We are now a distributor for Haier which includes their range of Ultra Low Temperature freezers. A few of our local clients have recently purchased and are now experiencing first hand on how well these units are performing. 

We also have a great range of Cryokit cold storage gloves and accessories to safely handle cold storage items. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

All the best from:
Doug, Danielle, David, Erik, Joanne, Mark, Michael, Paula, Samuel, Steve.



Dear Clients.

Pleasant weather and a lack of COVID-19 being spread in the community here in Melbourne beckons in the first quarter of this year. Let us hope these improvements are ongoing and mimicked to the rest of the world.
We trust you all had a great festive season - Christmas and the New Year already seem like months ago but for those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to touch base with us yet in 2021, get on the bandwagon.

We are committed to focusing on your needs throughout the coming year and look forward to the opportunities for forging and renewing relationships. To our friends in the dairy industry, we are now the exclusive Australian distributors for the complete Charm range which includes Antibiotic & ATP testing, Mycotoxin and many more. Hope to see you all at the DIAA conference coming up soon.

Need storage at -86°C? Our new Haier range starts at 100L “personal freezer” up to 728L and larger capacity. We also have all cryo handling related equipment like gloves, vials, racks and cryo-boxes.

What about those PFAS’s (per and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in our drinking water? Macherey Nagel offers an analysis solution. Please check our website for further details. Hope to hear from you soon.

From your team in Victoria:
Garry, Adam, Amanda, Brian, Christine, Hoa, Louise, Mango, Nic, Paul.



Dear Clients.

An exciting new range of products enters the Rowe Scientific stable with the introduction of the Haier range of Ultra Low Temperature freezers.

As this letter hits your inbox, so will our stock be arriving in our Melbourne warehouse. These freezers are state of the art with the J model offering low power consumption, the BP series with extra low power consumption (via a variable speed compressor), and for your critical samples, the S series which have a backup cooling system.

At the other end of the temperature spectrum we continue to grow our sales of the Nabertherm range of muffle furnaces with this week our first sale of a 1650°C, high temperature unit. These furnaces are proving increasingly popular as word of their reliability spreads.

Can’t find a product - please call us. We seek to fulfil all of your laboratory needs.

Stay Safe:
Peter Sommers and the Western Australian Team.

South Australia
& NT


Victoria & Tasmania

New South Wales

Western Australia

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