Aug Sep 2020



“Every day sees humanity more victorious in the struggle with space and time.

Guglielmo Marconi
1874 – 1937


Barramundi Discovery Centre

Winners are chosen by our computer on a random basis. The prize is the client’s choice of $100 worth of laboratory items from a supplied list.


From Barramundi Discovery Centre:

"Discover the amazing secrets of the mighty barramundi in the Les Wilson Barramundi Discovery Centre! We are the only hatchery in the world that breeds the Southern Gulf Barramundi.

Situated in the Australian Outback in the town of Karumba we breed thousands of fingerlings every year for release into the wild. Our newly built indoor hatchery aka ‘the love shack’ is the centre of the action, with broodstock being prepared for the 2020 breeding season.

Our aim is to not only supplement wild populations of barramundi but to also preserve the genetic diversity of this species whilst providing an exciting and unique experience for visitors.

Visitors are invited inside to experience the story of Australia’s most loved sport and eating fish in a world-class architecturally designed building that reflects the barramundi form. Spanning 130m long, the main building includes an information centre, café, theatre, art gallery and interpretive displays, arching around a 2,500 square metre pond.

We are thrilled to announce that anglers will soon be able to catch & release barramundi at the centre from pontoons, this is a fantastic addition to our behind-the-scenes and feeding tours.

Our team of scientists, fishermen and guides use a range of Rowe Scientific products for monitoring water quality, managing broodstock & facilitating spawning just to name a few applications."

*Barramundi Discovery Centre have accepted the title of "Client of the Month" however have declined the gift of $100 worth of laboratory items.





The atomic weights of many elements vary due to variations in the abundances of their isotopes in normal materials. Which element has the most accurately known atomic weight?

The answer will be in the next edition of the Rowe Scientific newsletter.

Did you know the answer to the last quiz question?

“At what temperature centigrade did water boil in the year 1743?"


0 °C. The original centigrade temperature scale devised by Anders Celsius set the boiling point of water at zero and the freezing point of water at 100 °C. After Anders Celsius died in 1744, Carolus Linnaeus suggested inverting the scale. 
Reference accessed 29.05.20 






Our congratulations to Mr Harrison Sapworth, a 2020 recipient of a Rowe Scientific Metallurgy Scholarship.  


"When asked about his metallurgical interests, Harrison’s response was as follows; “An area of metallurgy that particularly interests me is that of recycling and material recovery.
I have always liked the idea of reusing and repurposing resources where possible and see it as the logical thing to do moving forward, especially for the environment.

I believe as these resources become more scarce and more expensive to mine, there will be a sectorial shift towards recycling and material recovery industries.

As the world moves towards a battery powered future, I’m very excited to explore how these batteries can be recycled, reused and repurposed. I look forward to seeing this area of metallurgy grow and I would love to be directly involved.”

Good luck in your career Harrison, from the national staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd.



Congratulations to Ms Tayla Wilsdon and Mr Joe Milne, recipients of 2020 Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarships at The University of Adelaide.
When asked what interested them about chemistry, Tayla’s response was as follows;

“The broad applications chemistry can have on all aspects of the world is why I find it so interesting. I am particularly intrigued by organic chemistry, and the different synthetic reactions which can be used not only in the laboratory, but upscaled in industry to create useful molecules. Contrastingly, I am also very interested in the importance of chemistry in creating renewable sources of energy. Whether this be the development of light harvesting molecules, or methods in which hydrogen gas can be created sustainably, it is exciting as it shows the difference studying chemistry can make to society.”

Joe’s response was;

“ I am currently undertaking my third year in the Bachelor of Science (Advanced) program at the University of Adelaide, majoring in chemistry and biochemistry. Presently my interests lie largely in the fields of environmental and biological chemistry, though there are many other areas of chemistry which I have not yet explored. Next year I plan on undertaking honours in chemistry, which will help guide my future endeavours. I’m very thankful towards Rowe Scientific for providing me with a scholarship, as I live in the country and spend a significant amount of money and time travelling to university, which makes it difficult to support myself financially whilst studying.”

Well done Tayla and Joe, and best wishes for your future from the national staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd.



Congratulations to Mr Gabriel Harwood and Mr Hugo Barry, recipients of a Rowe Scientific Viticulture and Oenology Scholarship at the University of Adelaide for 2020.


On receipt of their scholarships, and when asked about what interested them in their studies at Adelaide University; Gabriel’s response included the following;

“Chemistry and other sciences have been a strong interest of mine since primary school, as they provide an insight into the world around us, along with an endless source of questions to be asked and discoveries to be made. I am currently in my first year of my Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology, hoping to work towards completing honours and post-graduate study. I aim to use my degree working as a winemaker in the Adelaide region, before eventually moving overseas to continue my career. I would like to thank everyone at Rowe Scientific for this scholarship opportunity of which I am incredibly grateful for, as it which will help me to fund my undergraduate studies.”

Hugo’s response included the following;

“From an early age, I asked questions about what objects were made of. This curiosity drove me to delve into the world of chemistry. I started learning about the subject in high-school and I fell in love with the endless potential it offered. The molecular make-up of objects fascinated me, particularly how this make-up could benefit humanity. My further studies of chemistry at the University of Adelaide have reassured me that there are career opportunities in the subject. At the moment, my attention has fixated on the chemistry of wine. In particular, how the presence of certain molecules impacts the taste and smell of wine. ........... “
Best wishes in your studies Gabriel and Hugo, from the national staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd.


Our congratulations to Ms Jessica Hay and Mr Steven Blom, recipients of Rowe Scientific Scholarships at Deakin University for 2020.


In Jessica’s words;

“I am currently completing my Honours in Forensic Chemistry. I am primarily interested in various aspects of analytical chemistry, and how we can use these techniques to aid the criminal justice system. My project is focused around soil analysis and different analytical chemistry techniques, such as HPLC, that can be used to quickly and easily characterise and differentiate soils from each other. I find chemistry interesting because it can tell us so much about the world around us. I also like how versatile techniques in chemistry can be. For instance, whilst my project is looking at soils in a forensic context, the same techniques could be applied to aid in agriculture and environmental sciences.”

In Steven’s words;
“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Rowe Scientific for donorship of their eponymous scholarship. Because of this generous support, I am able to pursue some of my main areas of interest within chemistry: inorganic synthesis and subsequent electrogenerated chemiluminescence. Thus far within my Honours degree I have been successful in synthesising heretofore undiscovered iridium chelates with a view to assessing their electrogenerated chemiluminescent properties and photoredox catalytic capabilities in aqueous environments. It is hoped that, by increasing the solubilities of these luminophores in water, they may find use in medical diagnostics and forensic applications. I am eager to continue research within this field and, again, thank Rowe Scientific for their support in pursuing these endeavours.”

Well done Jessica and Steven, and the national staff of Rowe Scientific wish you every success in the future.





Dear Clients. 

The year 2020 is not one we will forget easily irrespective of what the remaining months hold for each one of us. Instability and an ever changing domestic and international health and business environment is challenging individuals and nations collectively in a way not witnessed in our lifetime.

Stability and certainty are now valued more than ever before and over the last number of months these factors have contributed significantly to continued growth of the Rowe Scientific business in NSW. Rowe Scientific strives to remain your stable and reliable partner.

We have increased our commitment to support our clients in sourcing the difficult to acquire items during the pandemic, including Australian manufactured face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and syringes to mention but a few items. In return you, our clients have sought to support the Rowe team by choosing to purchase an increasing range and volume of consumables from your local scientific partner. Local availability of stock backed by a local customer service team and a kaleidoscope of brands to meet your needs has ensured we are well positioned to keep you supplied with the scientific items you need to do your work.

We continue to add to the product range in response to your requests and now offer top quality competitively priced European manufactured two piece syringes without a rubber gasket both in bulk non sterile and individually sterile formats. Add in a great range of competitively priced electrophoresis equipment and reagents, locally manufactured sharps containers, and a quality range of cell culture plasticware,  are some of the reasons we continually grow as a company.

We are buoyed by your support and look to the future with optimism despite the pessimism and undoubted ongoing challenges which continue to confront us both as individuals and as a community at large. Stay strong, stay well and stay safe in the weeks and months ahead.

All the best from:
John, Allan, Brendan, Connor, Hayden, Kathryn, Robert



Dear Clients.

We hope that this Newsletter finds you and your families in good health and that you are remaining safe, as we move through these difficult times.
Due to the diligent efforts of our purchasing teams in all of our offices, we have been able to keep up with stock of those products that you routinely purchase. Although we have experienced difficulties with securing stock of some specific lines, mainly PPE products, due to worldwide demand and the inability of factories overseas to meet production deadlines, we continue to work very hard to source alternatives for you.

We ask for your patience at this time as many suppliers and freight forwarders are still working with reduced staff and reduced shipping schedules and this has impacted on our ability to despatch orders as quickly as we would like to. Fortunately we are surviving and we are keen to keep you supplied with the items that you need to do your work.

We have plenty of Ansell “Touch N Tuff” nitrile gloves, alcohol antiseptic wipes and surgical masks with ear loops in stock. Please visit our website for the latest news and for new products now available that may assist you with your day to day work in the laboratory.

Cheers and keep well and stay safe from the Queensland Team:
Yvonne, Andrew, Brian, George, Jacob, Jean-Esteve, Josephine, Kiran, Leon, Martin, Robert, Steve.




Dear Clients.

I want to thank all of our clients for their support throughout the 2019/20 financial year. We are committed in helping you maintain your laboratory supplies during these trying times.

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and develop and whilst some states of Australia are under restricted conditions slowly returning to normal, our thoughts are with our colleagues, friends and clients who are doing it tough in Victoria.

All of our staff in Adelaide are again working in the office. Our External Account Managers are also trying to get out and about again to see our clients who are allowing site visitation. We are still seeing delays in terms of freight internationally and are experiencing volatile freight rates as a result. Face masks and gloves are incredibly hard to source at the moment, especially Bastion and Medrite. As a result of these shortages, prices from these vendors have increased by a factor of 3-5.

We are currently promoting a list of clearance items from our warehouse. If you haven’t received a list from your Account Manager yet, please ask them for a copy as these clearance prices wont be repeated. 

All the best from:
Doug, Danielle, David, Erik, Joanne, Katelynn, Mark, Michael, Paula, Samuel, Steve.



Dear Clients.

Greetings from a clear and decidedly cool Melbourne.

Thank you to all our Victorian & Tasmanian customers for your continued support during the first 6 months of this trying year.

Despite ‘Shutdown v.1 and v.2’ we continue to operate from our offices and warehouse in Doveton and those who can, are working from home.

Our aim is to provide you with the goods and services you require to run your laboratories and to do so in a safe and orderly fashion while maintaining our distance and adhering to all COVID-19 regulations.
May we offer our deepest sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones in this tragic period and strength to those who are caring for and affected by COVID. Hopefully a vaccine will be produced soon and life can begin to return to “normal”.

To those of you hunting for supplies - we hope that everyone has had the opportunity to visit our evolving website, where we continue to make improvements and provide more information for you, our customers. Hope to hear from you soon.

From your team in Victoria:
Garry, Adam, Amanda, Brian, Christine, Hoa, Louise, Mango, Nic, Paul.



Dear Clients.

May we live in interesting times.

All staff at Rowe Scientific remain well and are working full time (albeit some remotely) to respond to your requests and to fulfil your requirements.

We give thanks daily that we have jobs to engage us and clients who need us. Our supply channels remain strong with product flowing. Our supply routes are under cost pressure with International air route prices remaining exorbitant. Some air freight has been diverted to Skybridge, which sees goods flown to Singapore and then sent via sea freight to Australia.

We are working with our manufacturers to ensure that we have a supply of gloves and masks for all of our clients. What we offer today we may not be able to supply next week. This situation is extremely fluid. Having said that, after landing a container of the Touch and Tuff gloves, our position on these specifically, remains strong.

Stay Safe:
Peter Sommers and the Western Australian Team.


South Australia
& NT


Victoria & Tasmania

New South Wales

Western Australia

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