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I think that when we know that we actually do live in uncertainty, then we ought to admit it; it is of great value to realize that we do not know the answers to different questions. This attitude of mind - this attitude of uncertainty - is vital to the scientist, and it is this attitude of mind which the student must first acquire.

Richard Feynman
1918 – 1988



Western Australian Specialty Alloys

Winners are chosen by our computer on a random basis. The prize is the client’s choice of $100 worth of laboratory items from a supplied list.

From Western Australian Specialty Alloys:

"Overall Forge is located in Albury (NSW) and it is part of WASA (Western Australia Specialty Alloys) located in Perth (WA).

WASA produces superalloy ingot, billet and bar for forging and ring rolling applications for a range of aerospace, power generation and oil & gas applications. WASA is part of the Special Metals Corporation (SMC)™ which is owned by Precision CastParts Corp™.
At WASA, our highly regarded team of professionals which includes chemists, metallurgists and technicians, applies the highest standard of process controls using the very latest in analytical equipment and ensures that the most exacting requirements are achieved."





Cooked tomato frequently stains plasticware, but what chemical is responsible?

The answer will be in the next edition of the Rowe Scientific newsletter.

Did you know the answer to the last quiz question?
“What common titration indicator could be used as a treatment for cyanide poisoning?"

Methylene blue
Haouzi, P., et. al. (2018) Revisiting the physiological effects of methylene blue as a treatment of cyanide intoxication. Clinical Toxicology Sep;56(9):828-840. Philadelphia. doi: 10.1080/15563650.2018








Congratulations go to Mr Nicholas See, the recent recipient of the following awards at the
University of Queensland’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences:

 - UQ Rowe Scientific Third Year Laboratory Prize
 - UQ Rowe Scientific Honours or Research Higher Degree Chemistry Student Bursary


Mr Nicholas See

In Nicholas’s words;

“Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr Martin Bullock to accept both the UQ Rowe Scientific 3rd level Laboratory Prize and the UQ Rowe Scientific Honours Chemistry Student Bursary. I am simply writing to re-express my immense gratitude for the generosity of Rowe Scientific in donating these awards.
As I discussed with Mr Bullock on the night, I grew up in the regional town of Bundaberg, located approximately 350 km north of Brisbane. I was raised by working-class parents, and came to appreciate the value of money at an early age. I attended public primary and high schools, and towards the end of my secondary education, I was surrounded by only a handful of students of whom were interested in pursuing further study at a tertiary level.

The options for tertiary study in Bundaberg are limited, particularly when compared to the extensive and rich programs offered at UQ. As such, to pursue my life-long interest in science, I had no choice but to relocate to Brisbane. As you can imagine, this carried financial and personal sacrifice, and was simply too large of a financial leap for a significant proportion of my fellow peers. To describe this as unfortunate would be an understatement. As such, I consider myself to be incredibly lucky and privileged to be able to study science at UQ.

This year, I have still persevered through financial hardship; however, the donation bestowed by Rowe Scientific has severed this burden, ablating a persistent layer of stress from my honours study. For this, I am exceptionally grateful.

Upon writing this letter, I am in the final stages of making corrections to my honours thesis for submission. Next year, I am embarking on a PhD in organic/medicinal chemistry with A/Prof. Vito Ferro at UQ, with the ultimate goal of pursuing a teaching and research career in this fascinating field.

I would encourage you to continue to support students at UQ through continued endowment of the Laboratory Prizes and the Honours Bursary, for the size of the impact of these awards is profound........”

Well done Nicholas, from the national staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd. Good luck with your PhD.


Rowe Scientific Chemistry prizes were recently awarded to Mrs Heeral Unlu, and Mr Samuel Billinghurst on 6th March. Mrs Heeral Unlu began her studies with ECU in the Bachelor of Medical Science in 2014 but decided to change her course to the Bachelor of Science in 2017 studying Applied Chemistry and Human Biology.

In her final semester Heeral took on a work experience placement with Mary Boyce successfully completing four projects including, Chemical profiling of Kakadu Plum using High Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography, High Performance Thin-Layer Chromatographic Fingerprinting of sandalwood essential oils, Determination of tocopherols in nuts, seeds and fruits by RP-HPLC and finally Analysis of acetic acid, propionic acid, isobutyric acid and butyric acid in faeces and serum using LC-MS/MS.

Heeral Unlu is currently employed by ALS in the Geochemistry sector furthering her analytical knowledge and experience.

Samuel began his studies at ECU in the Bachelor of Forensic Investigation in Semester 1 2015 but decided that this was not the course for him. He deferred his studies until 2017 and then began studying for the Bachelor of Science with majors in Applied Chemistry and Marine and Freshwater.

In his final semester Samuel completed a work experience project within the school with Dr Kathryn McMahon looking into seagrass resilience. More specifically the significance of changes in species composition over time following a disturbance in the Exmouth Gulf. Sam will be starting his Masters with the School of Science in Semester 1.

Congratulations Heeral and Samuel, from the national staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd.


(L-R) Mr Dominic Dempster (Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd) and Mrs Heeral Unlu

In line with our last “Feb – March 2020” newsletter, the following are examples of the many
recipients of prizes at the recent state ASTA awards. 

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
PROJECT: Salt Water and Different Metals on Voltage Produced


Congratulations to two year 8 students Erika Kennedy and Nina Burch Pulley for winning an encouragement award in this year’s SeaACT Science and Engineering Fair conducted by CSIRO.

They completed an Independent Scientific Investigation on the Effect of salt water and different metals on the voltage produced and entered in the SeaACT Fair.


PROJECT: Passive Watering Of Plants Using Various Cotton Wicks


Our investigation was to find out if the garlic plant will grow more effectively with different numbers of cotton wicks in the plant pot transporting water from the plastic container under the pot to the plant. There were two types of wicks used for this experiment, the cotton round wicks and flat wicks. There were six different sets of pots in this experiment.


Congratulations to Mr Gareth Doherty, the 2017 gifted (awarded in 2019) University of Queensland HDR Travel Fellowship recipient.
In Gareth’s words;

“ I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for awarding me the Rowe Scientific Travel Scholarship. This award will allow me to travel to Canada to perform further testing on the drug candidates that I have designed and am in the process of synthesising.

My project is the design and synthesis of Pharmalogical Chaperones to treat various types of Mucopolysacharidoses (MPS). This is a rare, genetic disease associated with the lysosome. MPS causes various pathologies and ultimately results in death. The patient has to suffer with a very low quality of life and it is very rare that patients will survive until adulthood.


The genetic mutation causes the lysosomal enzyme to be misfolded when produced. This leads to subsequent degradation by the quality control machinery in the endoplasmic reticulum. Due to this, the enzyme is not transported into the lysosome where it is required to degrade substrates. This subsequently leads to a build-up of substrate and is the cause of the various pathologies and ultimately death.

The pharmacological chaperone will bind to the misfolded enzyme and drive it towards the correct conformation. This will allow it to be transported into the lysosome. Once there, the pharmacological chaperone will unbind, leaving the enzyme free to degrade the substrate.
Gareth Doherty Ph.D. Candidate, Organic Chemistry”


Congratulations to Mr Stephen Dymock, a recent 2019/20 recipient of a Rowe Scientific Vacation Award at UWA Chemistry and Biochemistry.

In Stephen’s words;

“ I would like to thank Rowe Scientific for the privilege to undertake eight weeks of research at UWA with substantial funding.

The opportunity to gain experience in a research lab working with PhD students was truly invaluable and I am so grateful for the scholarship. My research was on G-quadruplex structures in nucleic acids and the phenomenon of reactive astrocytes, with techniques undertaken including immunohistochemistry, qPCR, irCLIP and bacterial transformation.

Impaired regulation of these non-canonical structures and reactive astrocytes are known to be linked to Alzheimer’s disease, however the precise mechanism remains elusive so further research will hopefully lead to novel and effective treatments of the neurodegenerative disease.”




Congratulations to Mr Drew Hayman, the recipient of the 2019 Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship, at Western Sydney University.
In Drew’s words;

“Receiving this scholarship means the world to me. In truth I still can't believe it. This scholarship goes to prove that working hard and enthusiastically jumping at opportunity can and will be rewarded. Over my time at Western Sydney University I was presented with many opportunities to go beyond the course work and today that has paid off.

When I found out that I had received the Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship I was overjoyed. I immediately shared the news with my family and friends who joined me in this happy moment.

I would like to thank Rowe Scientific for selecting me for this award. This award will go a long way to enabling me to follow my dreams and hopefully take my studies all the way to a PhD in a few years’ time. Thank you very much. This money will help me as I get started with my master’s degree. It is a scary time heading out on your own and this money will help me get established.”

Well done Drew, and good luck in your future Chemistry studies, from the national staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd.


Congratulations to Mr Jonathan Ward, the University of the Sunshine Coast’s 2020 recipient of the Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship.


In Jonathan’s words;

“I consider Chemistry a framework of research and evidence that has been able to successfully model the way the matter is our universe interacts with itself.

I love being able to see a reaction or phenomenon and find an explanation as to why or how it works on a fundamental level. I find it fascinating that I can quantitate absolutely everything; be it chemical reaction rates or examining the properties of compounds. I am interested in chemistry because it explains how things react and work together; It makes me want to learn even more.“

“ ............ I have spent the last two years studying a dual Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) specialising in Mathematics and Chemistry. It is my intention to graduate in late 2021 and become employed as a secondary school teacher, working to inspire my students by sharing the wonders unveiled in the Chemical Sciences and the role mathematics has played to quantitively model the world in which we live. Directly after obtaining this qualification I also expect to begin pursuing a postgraduate Master of Education. 
Much like how chemical reactions benefit from a catalyst that changes a rate of reaction, this scholarship will change the rate at which I ground myself into my career as a teacher and my ability to pursue postgraduate qualifications, ............”
Well done Jonathan, from the staff of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd.





Dear Clients. 

Many words are bandied around to describe the current situation arising from the continued spread of COVID-19 so I will not add to the tally.

Our firm focus during this time is to maintain our mission “to keep our clients supplied with the scientific items they need to do their work” In the current climate, remaining committed to this mission is more important than ever.

The NSW team are working proactively with our clients to ensure they are aware of the challenges associated with maintaining supply of the consumables and instrumentation required to do their work. While we could supply ten times the volume of some items, we remain disciplined in ensuring we continue to support the clients who order consumables and instrumentation from Rowe NSW on a regular basis and our priority will remain so.

All clients are equally important, however, during this pandemic supporting our colleagues in the healthcare sectors and those in the research community working on developing therapies to control the spread of the virus, and in the development of vaccines, is of primary importance.

Most of all during the weeks and potentially months ahead we ask you to take care and stay safe.

All the best from:
John, Allan, Hayden, Kathryn, Kazi, Rod



Dear Clients.

It will soon be Easter and I ask myself just where has the time gone?

We have all been so busy during the past three months with quotation requests and securing up our stock supplies for critical products as the Corona virus impacts on shipping around the world.

We have had some excellent responses to our mailouts, and although you may receive an overwhelming number of email advertisements these days, it is worth taking the time to check out our specials and introduction of new products as there are plenty of budget savings to be made as well as the latest information to keep you abreast of new product releases.

Visit our website for information on the Koehler Automatic Microscale Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point Analyzer , Rowe Code KA0053.

Happy Easter to you and your families, enjoy the festivities and we hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of chocolate eggs!

Cheers from the Queensland team:
Yvonne, Andrew, Brian, George, Jacob, Jean-Esteve, Josephine, Kiran, Leon, Martin, Robert, Steve.



Dear Clients.

Well the new year is well and truly in full swing now and to say we have had a busy start to the year would be an understatement, for this we thank you.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, our account restructure has taken place and most of you have been visited by your new Account Manager.

We, like many companies, are experiencing not only delivery delays, but in some cases, advanced warning of price increases due to the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. We will give you as much notice and advanced warning of issues as they are brought to light.

We will be presenting new products in the near future so look out for our marketing material.  We have an excellent and varied range of Life Science consumables from SPL Tissue Culture, Cryokit Gloves and BRAND liquid handling products. Please ask your Account Manager for evaluation samples.

All the best from,
Doug, Danielle, Erik, Joanne, Katelynn, Mark, Michael, Paula, Samuel, Steve.



Dear Clients.

WOW! What a year this has been so far! Whilst COVID-19 has seemingly been the recent focus, along with loo paper, masks and sanitiser, the Rowe Scientific Victorian team have stayed healthy with the aim of providing you, our loyal customers, the continued high level of support. Long may it continue.

Over the next couple of months we will be promoting MMM incubators and ovens in various formats, natural or forced convection, vacuum or sterilizing and with a variety of features. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you about our e-commerce facility – if you do not already have a login and password, simply let us know and all can be arranged.

The web store can be used to check availability of products, your web back orders and stock availability both in Melbourne and Australia wide. You can also search by manufacturer’s part number OR your own material number. Just one more way that Rowe Scientific seeks to help the scientific community.

From your team in Victoria:
Garry, Adam, Amanda, Brian, Christine, Hoa, Louise, Mango, Nic, Paul.



Dear Clients.

As the world changes around us, almost on an hourly basis, our team at Rowe Scientific strive to be a pillar that you can rely on.

We are under intense cost pressure as our suppliers, foreign exchange and freight costs change every day.
We seek to be your partner in the years ahead. To this end we are securing the products, and logistics, that you need to do your work.

We have 5 warehouses across Australia to service your requirements. We will honour the contracts that we have in place, seeking relief on price only where the current is unsustainable.

All the best from:
Peter Sommers and the Western Australian Team.


South Australia
& NT


Victoria & Tasmania

New South Wales

Western Australia

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