Laboklav Lab Steam Steriliser Autoclaves

03 Oct 2019

Table top autoclaves for your laboratory. Small on footprint, big on features.
Dependable, high quality German built laboratory autoclaves from SHP, available in four different configurations.

Why choose the Laboklav lab steam steriliser?

The Laboklav 25 series of autoclaves incorporate a unique design and innovative technology to provide the largest chamber volume possible within a small form factor design. The Laboklav 25 provides space for either 12 x 250mL, 9 x 500mL or 5 x 1L standard laboratory bottles including caps.

The chamber front cover is made of high temperature safety glass which allows you to visually monitor the sterilisation chamber. LEDs aid in illuminating the interior of the chamber and coloured LED operating lights indicate the unit‘s current status.

The Laboklav 25 series of autoclaves are safe and easy to operate. After closing, a motorised lock secures the door at the touch of a button. The chamber temperature is monitored with an integrated flexible PT100 reference sensor, which prevents the chamber door from being opened at hazadous temperatures (thermo locking device in accordance with IEC 61010-2-43).

An in-built tank, separated into 2 areas with level sensors, acts as a reservoir for the feed water as well as a collection point for the condensate. Both can be emptied separately.


Rowe CodeModelMain Feature
IA0160LABOKLAV 25 BBasic unit
IA0161LABOKLAV 25 MRapid recooling
IL0086LABOKLAV 25 VVacuum system
IA0162LABOKLAV 25 MVRapid re-cooling and vacuum


  • Sterilise liquids in opened or slightly closed bottles, models with an air recooling system available
  • Available with pre vacuum and dry vacuum options
  • Sterilises lab waste at 134°C Optional exhaust air filtration.


  • Coloured LED door indicators show the current state of sterilisation at a glance
  • Internal LED illumination for clearer viewing of the sterilisation process.


  • Motorised door locking system for added safety
  • 2 kW heating power
  • Included PT100 reference sensor as standard
  • Exhaust air filtration available
  • Integrated tank for feedwater and condensate
  • Easy to install (plug it in and fill internal reservoir)
  • Lightweight and easy to move (65kg)
  • Runs from a single phase 16AMP 240V power socket